ACRYLIC Main Characteristics

* 100% acrylic, its colors are completly stable and the white non-yellowing with the passage of         the time.

* Combines the thoughness of the mineral with the ductility of the resin.

* It is composed by 60% of Alumina Trihydrate and 40% of Acrylic Resin.

* It is solid, durable and does not contain allergenic substances or other toxic ingredients.

* Resists stains and scratches, and any damage can be repaired and restored easily.

* Easy maintenance and cleaning due to a non porous surface.

* Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

* Made in the European Union.

* CE marking.

* Have certificates done by independent laboratories that guarantees the observance of the              following standards:

     - Resistance to chemical products. UNE 56867:2002

     - Resistance to hydrochloric acid attack. UNE EN 939:2009

     - Estability of surface appearance. UNE 56867:2002

     - Resistance to thermal shock. UNE EN 13310:2003

     - Resistance of the colors to rub. EN ISO 11640:1999

     - Dimensional estability at high temperature. UNE EN 438-2